Success Story: Sabino C.

Three hundred sixty-five days. Twelve months. One year. That’s how long Hurst Plaza Resident Sabino C. waited to reach his goal.

The Fort Worth native admitted to Hurst Plaza in October 2018, a few months following having both of his legs amputated in April and May 2018, and he had no idea exactly what his future looked like.

“It felt like a sledgehammer hit you in the chest,” Sabino said.

Fast forward to May 2019, and Sabino hit a significant milestone when he was able to walk for the first time in well over a year thanks to his new prosthetic legs.

After the long process of finally getting his prosthetics, it didn’t take long for Sabino to get up and start walking. On the first day he was fitted for prosthetics, he got out of his wheelchair and walked the length of the hallway twice – a remarkable feat for someone who is transitioning to using prosthetic legs.

“I realized all that I’ve done to get to this point,” Sabino said. “All the pain and struggle was worth it… The last year has been rough. The anticipation and frustration. I’ve gone through all this therapy. It’s exciting, but also frightening.”

That frightening feeling is certainly understandable, but also certainly nothing Sabino can’t handle after all he’s been through.

Sabino has admittedly had some low moments over the course of the past year, and he’s struggled with keeping the confidence needed to keep pushing him to reach his goals. However, he credits the therapy department at Hurst Plaza with helping him through the tough times and getting him to where he had been striving for.

“They’ve been fantastic,” Sabino said. “They care a lot about what I want. They were there for me when I was down and encouraged me to keep going. I owe a lot to them. That’s one thing I’m excited about. They are still going to be there for me.”

Sabino knows he still has work left to do in order to reach his goal of walking out of Hurst Plaza and re-entering the community with his independence.

To help reach that goal, Sabino had a photo collage of his parents printed on his new prosthetics to have them as a constant reminder to keep pushing himself.

But Sabino knows that’s not the only thing that will help give him motivation to get to the finish line. Sabino acknowledged that not only his friends in the therapy gym but employees in every department at Hurst Plaza from nursing to housekeeping has helped him during his journey to where he is today.

“It’s their attitude that makes me feel better about myself,” Sabino said. “Everybody has helped me, even the other residents. I’m glad they’re going to be there for me on this second journey.”

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