Success Story: Doris K.

Everybody knows someone like Doris K. She’s like the mom, friend, grandmother, daughter and co-worker you know that loves to talk to people. She’s the loving mother who did whatever she had to do to raise three kids. She’s the woman who moved from Texas to Wisconsin and back to Texas.

She’s the person who always seems to be in a good mood. She certainly never misses the opportunity to share a story with you, but despite the infectious personality the staff and residents at Hurst Plaza see on a daily basis, Doris has another side to her that makes her the person she is today.

“Life is not always what you think it is,” Doris said. Time took ahold of Doris and left her with a decline in health. She was unable to walk; confused and unsure about what the future held, she knew she couldn’t be cared for at home anymore and trips back and forth from a nursing home and the hospital took its toll on her until she came to Hurst Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation.

When Doris was admitted to Hurst Plaza, she immediately began building relationships with other residents and staff as she got adapted to her new home, but she still couldn’t walk, which got her spirits down. During that hard time and transition to a new place, Doris leaned on her family, particularly her three children: Bert, Cheryl and Lisa. “I’m real lucky, “ Doris said. “I’ve got a great family and great friends.”

While a strong support system is certainly something that will help anyone going through a tough time, the only thing that was going to get Doris back to her usual self was to regain some of her independence. Therefore, the therapy team began working with Doris to meet various goals through physical, occupational and speech therapy. Slowly but surely, those worries she once had began to disappear. Doris flourished working with the therapy team, and each day, each week and each month, she got a little bit better and closer to meeting her goals.

Fast forward a bit, and for the first time in four years, Doris was able to walk. “I didn’t want to believe it because I thought I was daydreaming and I’d wake up and it’d be gone,” Doris said about walking again. Doris’ progress has been tremendous, as she is now able to walk with a rolling walker for 75 to 150 feet. “I’m telling you,” Doris said. “I don’t know what I would have done without the therapy team.”

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