Beauty Salon Back Open!

Everything may not be back to normal at Hurst Plaza, but after months of waiting, our beauty salon is back open!

Our awesome Residents have been enjoying getting their haircuts taken care of for the last few weeks thanks to our new facility beautician,
LaTrease Hall!

You all may be familiar with LaTrease, as she’s been a Hurst Plaza employee for over a year now! She’s been a CNA helping take great care of our Residents and is loved by so many here at Hurst Plaza.

When she isn’t busy caring for our Residents, she’s been working as a licensed beautician for over the last year. With all the restrictions in place due to COVID-19 closing our beauty salon for so long, it was a no brainer to bring LaTrease into the mix to be our new beautician.

Many Residents have already seen LaTrease, but if you want to schedule an appointment, you can fill out an appointment sheet outside the salon, or call the Facility and schedule an appointment with our Activity Director Regina Berry!

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