A Hurst Plaza Love Story

“Age does not protect you from love, but love, to some extent, protects you from age.”

That’s what actress Jeanne Moreau once said, and it can certainly be said for two Residents – James A. and Carolyn S. – at Hurst Plaza Nursing and Rehab who committed their love to one another in front of family and friends in a special ceremony in the Hurst Plaza dining room on September 13.

James and Carolyn met at Hurst Plaza and almost immediately became good friends. The two can often be found together and are an integral part of the daily activities and the community’s Resident Council, which meets monthly.

As the days, weeks and months went by, their bond grew stronger.

“The first thing I noticed in James was his consistent good manners,” Carolyn said. “(He is) very much a gentleman, which you don’t find in a lot of men these days. He’s a true joy to be with.”

James echoes those thoughts.

“I was drawn to her pleasant personality,” James said about Carolyn. “We had so much in common.”

That commonality was found through several different activities the two enjoy together. Odds are that you’ll find the couple participating in a Bible study, in the Facility lobby or Family dining room working on a jigsaw puzzle or coloring or visiting with each other in their apartment.

If you don’t find them there, it’s almost a given they’ll be taking part in bingo or playing Carolyn’s favorite game – Wii Bowling – in the main dining room.

“She beats me most of the time,” James said. “But that’s OK.”

Regardless of what they’re doing, James and Carolyn are always doing it together with a smile on their faces. And it was in that same main dining room where they expressed their love for each other in a ceremonious occasion.

“When they came to me with the idea of solidifying their relationship, it was an honor that they wanted to do it here at Hurst Plaza,” Administrator David Collier said. “I’m so glad they had the opportunity to showcase their love story in front of the Hurst Plaza family and allowed us to be a part of it.”

Hurst Plaza Activity Director Regina Berry did most of the leg work to get the big day put together for the happy couple.

From cakes for the bride and groom to a flower bouquet to matching attire to the walk down the aisle to the reciting of vows and to a reception with family and friends, it was a special day to celebrate James and Carolyn and their commitment to each other.

Now, the newly celebrated couple will continue growing their relationship with a commitment to live the rest of their days with each other by their side.

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